Top 5 Most Unique Golf Courses of the World

Himalayas GolfGrab your golf tees, putters and your sun visors, ladies and gents, because we have found some of the coolest golf courses in the whole world! These golf courses are guaranteed to present a challenge to even the most hardcore of golfers, so make sure that your golf grips are firmly in place – you would be in for a bit of a bumpy ride if you checked out our top 5 craziest golf courses!

Himalayan Golf Club

Imagine teeing off in a place widely considered to be the most beautiful in the world!  When you sink your golf tee into the earth at The Himalayan Golf Club, you get to view these breath-taking mountains as you move around holes that have been carved into this gorgeous landscape.

Nullarbor Plain

This incredible golf course is the biggest in the entire world, covering a colossal 848 miles and stretching across Southern Australia!  If ever there was a time that you needed top-notch golf grips it would be this, as the heat on this epic golfing journey hits heights of 50 degrees! This one would make the most epic golfing trip ever, as it takes at least 7 days to complete.

Coober Pedy Opal Fields

This one is unique in the fact that it has not one blade of grass on the entire course!  Situated in the Australian outback, this 18 hole, grassless course reaches heights of 50 degrees in the SHADE.  In fact it is so unbearable that it has now become customary to play at night, in the pitch black with glow in the dark golf balls – yet another reason that teeing off at the Coober Pedy Opal Fields is so unique!

Uummannaq, Greenland

This is another fabulously unusual golf course that does not offer players any grass – because, of course, they play on snow and ice in temperatures of he Uummannaq, Greenland golf course is where they hold the World Ice Golf Championships.  The most exciting thing about this golf course is the fact that it changes every year as the icebergs and the fjords move around!  Naturally the greens at this kooky course are called “whites” with the golf tee’s and the gold balls being bright colours in order to pick them out in the blindingly white snow!

Legend Golf & Safari Resort

One of the most unique has to be the Legend Golf Safari Resort in Africa.  You have to pack away your golf grips and paraphernalia on a helicopter to reach the tee of this awe-inspiring course to reach the golf tee situated near the very tip of the 400m Hang Slip Mountain. This course is so unique that it has been dubbed the “Extreme 19” – as there are 19 holes – and the green has been fashioned in the shape of Africa.

You may be content simply playing some relaxing golf at your local course, but if you ever fancy dabbling in some extreme golfing then you knows where to head!


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