The PGA’s Biggest Swing comes from the Self Taught Bubba Watson

bubbaIt’s hard to miss the high profile player that is Bubba Watson. This is in part due to his large 6’3” frame, but it has just as much to do with his joking personality, unorthodox form, and aggressive shot making – not to mention his hot pink shafts. Bubba is a huge name on the PGA Tour with four wins to his name, one of them being the coveted Master’s title, and a monstrous drive.


Bubba Watson was born Gerry Lester Watson Jr. and the golfing community is incredibly glad that he goes by “Bubba” now. His father, the original Gerry Watson, gave Bubba his first club when he was six. It was a cut down nine-iron that Bubba used to hit whiffle balls around the yard with.  Bubba’s father only ever gave him one lesson, and that is the only lesson he has ever received. This can be seen in Bubba’s drive where he looks like a coiled spring is unwinding, starting from his legs. His body often looks erratic and it’s almost a wonder that he has any sort of control over a ball that he can hit over 400 yards, and averages over 300 yards.



Bubba Watson was born in Bagdad, Florida and attended a close by Milton High School. Coming from humble beginnings, he started his college career at Faulkner State Community College where he was an All-American Athlete. After his sophomore year he transferred to the University of Georgia and helped to lead the team to an SEC title in his junior year. He actually left school after his junior year to join the PGA tour, but after he had success he came back to finish his degree to lead by example.



Bubba is extremely aware that his success on the tour brings him media attention that he can use to help others. With staunch Christian beliefs, Bubba has set up fundraisers and nonprofit organizations for those in need. His latest endeavor has been to build a medical center in Kenya so that the citizens might be able to share some of the benefits that Bubba as enjoyed as an American citizen.  On the tour, Bubba is the fun loving jokester that makes fans love him. Always ready to crack a joke, pull a prank on a peer or media personnel, or upload an amusing trick shot to his website, Bubba keeps the laughs coming while being one of the top golfers in the world.



In his professional career, Bubba reached the highest heights when he won The Masters tournament this year. Donning the green jacket is his biggest success, but not his only. He has also won three other titles and grossed over $16 million dollars in his career.


At only age 34, Bubba Watson can be expected to keep producing wins and laughs. The bigger he gets the more he helps his charities and such a well-liked guy will certainly garner media attention even after he stops swinging a club.

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