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la cala golfIn the Past I have been very quick to criticize many of the golf clubs here in Spain both In this blog and on the radio. Last year I wrote about the slow suicide of Spanish Golf which was largely due to the inflexibility of Golf Clubs in spain when it comes to pricing. One club that I should have excluded from that was La Cala Golf who run the excellent Playing With Amigos package in the low season (€132 per Tee Time inc Buggies).

This week For the first time after over a year of playing at La Cala on an almost weekly basis I had need to experience their superb customer service and they didn’t let me down.  This happened not once but twice and each time they handled the situation perfectly.

Firstly on wednesday we experienced one of the marshalls being pre-emptive in heading off a problem ( I think it was Paul) We set off as a two balls and by the 12th Hole we had almost caught up a large group of players in front of us. The Marshall noticed this and asked us if we would like to change to a different course to finish our round. We declined as the groups weren’t too slow but as my Mother used to say it’s the thought that counts.

Yesterday (Friday) we were a 4 Ball and headed off at 4pm. By the 5th we had caught up behind several groups of French players who were obviously from the French Slow play society. They had no Idea of etiquette or even how to conduct yourself on a course..(Buggies on the Fringe..cringe!) and it took us 4 hours to get to the 12th. At this point we had lost the will to live so decided to head back to the clubhouse. There we spoke to Ana the golf director who was very apologetic and she immediately arranged another round for us free of charge.

I am 100% convinced that if they had known that the players in front of us were so slow they would have offered us a Tee Time on another of the courses.

So a big thank you to Ana at La Cala and her staff who make playing there a real pleasure,  The courses are always in superb condition and the green Fees are very reasonable compared to other courses in the Area. If you haven’t played there yet book a few days and enjoy the facilities.

The courses aren’t the easiest and having played them many times my preferred courses are:  Campo America , Campo Asia and finally Campo Europa


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