Hitting Shots from Uneven Lies

The following tips are from David Bryce writer and golf coach this is great advice for all levels, we have all had these shots and we have all executed them badly at times.


We’ve all heard the old adage about making a mountain out of a molehill. The most crucial aspect of hillside shots, like many shots or even life in general, is to get comfortable and trust your instincts. Balance is of the utmost importance when attempting a shot on uneven ground.

Overthinking the shot is a pretty common occurrence, so let’s look at a couple hints…

Sidehill Lie (ball above feet)

– Widening your stance and leaning into the slope, rather than away, is key.
– On long shots, aiming slightly to the right of the target is generally helpful – the natural tendency for the ball is to veer left due to swinging on an uphill slant.
– You might even want to pull out a lower lofted club, however, that is situational.
– Keep your shoulders parallel to the slope of the hill and slightly flare out your downhill foot.

Sidehill Lie (ball below feet)

– A downhill slope generally delofts the clubface, so consider a higher-lofted club to counteract the lower trajectory of the ball.
– Again, try to keep your shoulders in lined up with the slant of your hill. It might feel crooked and awkward at first but it prevents hitting behind the ball.
– Aiming slightly to the left will compensate for releasing through the ball.
– Will a downhill lie, play the ball from the higher side and a bit further back in your stance.
Getting off the driving range and onto uneven terrain is the best way to work on these tougher shots. Remembering that anytime you have to adjust or alter your swing, maintaining your natural rhythm becomes essential. And most importantly, have fun out there!

David Bryce is a freelance writer and former golf coach who spends much of his time in a course-side cabin in Branson, MO. He dreams of playing the “Extreme 19th” at Legends in South Africa.

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