Getting Out Of Trouble

When you are in the rough the most important thing to remember is to make sure you get out._38116517_rough

Don’t be greedy and attempt to hit the ball too far from heavy rough.

You may only manage to shift it a few yards and end up in even worse trouble.

So take a higher club than you might want to – a six or seven iron is about right – unless you have a really good lie.


Grip down the shaft slightly and set up with the ball towards the back of your stance.

Open the club face, aiming left of the target to compensate, to help bring the club through quicker.


Take a three-quarter length swing – this will help generate more power.



As the club descends try to accelerate even more than normal.

It is vital to generate as much clubhead speed as possible to get through the thick grass.



Keep the hands firm so the clubface remains square to the ball through the shot and is not pulled off line by the grass.

In long grass or heather, you need to use all your body weight not just your arms to free the ball.

Emphasising the weight shift onto your front foot and the turn of your hips to help generate even more power.

Feel yourself continue to turn after the ball has gone.

Courtesy : BBC Sport.

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