Four Advantages Golf Has Over Any Other Sport

pro-amOften discarded as a game of rich, Golf has only started to become a bit more main-stream. Still very few people think of golf when they are looking for an outdoor sport, maybe because it doesn’t have the glamour or thrill of a sport like soccer or baseball.
It is certainly a bit difficult to pursue golf as compared to football or cricket, mainly because you need a proper golf course (which are few and far between), and unlike football or cricket, you cannot simply have a quick game in any open field out there. Also, Golf doesn’t quite go with the temperament of teenagers or a common sports fan, making it difficult to be as popular as some other sports out there.
Despite all of these drawbacks, I still see Golf as a bit more advantageous than some of those sports, which are a lot more popular, let’s see why?
For all Age Groups
When you think of people who opt for Golf as a leisure activity, the first image that comes to your mind is that of elderly fellows who have call it a day, and they don’t have much to do on hand, but then you have a 23 years old Rory Mcllroy winning one major after another.
Fact is that it’s just a myth that Golf is made for those who don’t have the stamina or strength to take up more physically demanding sports like soccer or rugby. It’s just that a big majority of people actually never give it a try, those who do, can’t help but like it, regardless of their age. Not only you can take it up as a hobby at almost any age, you can also take any of your family members (regardless of their ages) to the golf course and have a game while spending some quality time together. Something you can’t do while playing tennis or cricket.
Work Out Without Getting Worked Up

True that it costs a lot more to play at a golf course, as compared to any other sports, but is there any other sport field as pleasant and as aesthetically stimulating as a golf course? Some golf courses are worth paying to just have a stroll around, let alone getting a chance to play Golf. Another good thing about golf is that it provides you with lots of physical activity without making you sweat like crazy. You won’t develop the stamina of a football or that of a tennis player, but then such stamina is not really required in everyday life.
Learn while you play
You won’t see any hostility or aggression going on in the game of golf. It is a game of control, composure, concentration, and logical thinking, instead of looking to thrash or thump your way to your goal like a juggernaut. The traits you acquire from this sport will help you deal with the real life goals and challenges. Above all, you learn to have patience and stay calm, instead of getting high on adrenaline and frenzied like some other sports.
Meet & Compete
As I’ve earlier mentioned, you can take any of your family members and have a chat while playing a round of Golf. Something that is not possible in any other sport where you can either play or talk to each other in a comfortable manner. And not just family members, Golf is a great activity and place for business networking, and you get to meet and compete with people coming from all walks of life.

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