How To Cure a Slice In 5 Minutes

If like me you’ve struggled for years to cure a slice what comes next may surprise you.

Curing a Golf Slice is Easy

Over the past few years I’ve tried loads to things to get rid of my slice. I’ve changed my grip, changed my swing path, moved my left shoulder, moved my right shoulder, messed with my swing plane. Somethings sort of worked others made no difference.

Slicing a golf ball can be totally demoralizing and ruin many a round of golf.  I have given up golf 2 or 3 times and played for over a year without a driver. This all changed when I decided to work out what causes a slice. Once i’d done that the cure was obvious and within 1 bucket of balls I could fade, draw, slice and hook on command.

The first step to correct a slice is knowing why it happens , once you know that the fix will fall into place.

What Causes a Slice.

In 95% of cases your slice will be caused by 2 elements working in tandem.

The club face is open at the point of contact and your club is on an outside to inside plane.

That’s it.

The angle of the club face at the point of contact will determine where the ball goes.  If it’s open it will go right if it’s closed it will go left.

The plane that the club is on will determine what spin the ball has. Clockwise spin will move the ball right, anticlockwise spin will move the ball right.

In order to cure your slice you first need to start hooking the ball.  To do this we simply need to close the club face at impact.  Your outside to inside swing coupled with a closed clubface will have the ball rapidly exiting stage left

Luckily that’s easy to do

How To Close The Clubface

Step one is to look at an old  golf glove. Where is it worn?


If the red area is worn then that’s a major cause of your slice. What happens when you hold the club there is that the anatomy of your hand doesn’t allow you to close the clubface sufficiently. We’ll call the red area the “Palm Grip and the Green Area “The Finger Grip”

Try it

Hold your driver as you normally would in your left hand and try to close the club face as much as possible. Now change your grip so the grip of the club is in the green area and do the same.  You’ll see that the clubface closes a lot more.

Cure a slice in 5 minutes

Step 2 is to hold the club with the grip above the little finger.  It will feel strange at first but hit a few balls. When you address the ball have the club as closed as possible. It will look weird but stick with it. (it’s not as closed as you think it is)

Now check your backswing , as you bring the club back you should see that the toe of the club is in front of the heel.

Now play a shot.

Bingo.. How’s that Hook!

At this point a hook is a great thing, the next thing we’ll do is to straighten your drive up a bit.

Step 2 Hit The Ball From Inside to Outside.



As we discussed earlier a slice occurs when you have an open face AND in outside to inside swing. (Red Arrow).  Despite what we might think sometimes the ball doesn’t have a mind of it’s own it responds to the laws of physics.

Coming from outside with an open club face imparts clockwise spin on the ball which causes it veer away from the direction it should continue on hence the slice.

Coming from outside to inside with a closed face imparts anti clockwise spin, this adds more spin in the direction you are hitting which is why you hit those last few balls with a big hook.

At this point it’s worth noting that the chance of hitting the ball square in the middle is 1 in 180,  have you ever seen a pro hit a straight drive? No, me neither.

So,  If you now change your swing plane and come from inside to outside with a closed face the ball will start out heading right but the spin will bring it back to the center. You will now have a nice draw rather than a slice.

Hitting the ball from the inside is simple a matter of  moving your right shoulder and right foot behind your left foot and left shoulder this will force you to come from inside to outside.

No More Slicing The Golf Ball.

You now know how to fix a slice, you will need to spend a little time fine tuning your foot position so that you don’t develop a  hook but not only have you fixed that slice but you should be now able to shape a shot by adjusting club face angle and swing path.






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