2 Ways To Fix Your Slice In A Half Bucket or Less

fix a golf sliceIf you are sick and tired of yelling “fore right!” off the tee, or sick of cringing while your shots bounce off of roof tops 70 yards right of the fairway, then most likely you are looking for a simple fix for your slice. Here are 2 simple ways to straighten out your ball flight in very little time.


1) Strengthen Your Grip – A very typical reason for hitting the ball with a slice occurs before the club is even swung.


For right-handers, a golf grip is “weak” if it is twisted to the left at address position compared to being twisted back to the right at impact position.


It’s important to realize that manipulating the hands at impact position is much more difficult than at address.


So what’s the simple fix? Simply twist the grip to the right at address position to match what will happen at impact position. That way the club face wont rotate to the right, causing a slice!


2) Aim The Shoulders Right – Wait…what? Yes, aim them right! Okay, let me explain. Another typical cause of a slice is due to the swing path cutting across the ball to the left. This imparts left to right spin on the ball.


So how do we impart right to left spin on the ball? By aiming our shoulders to the right.


This is an easy concept to envision, but a very tough thing to actually do!


So what’s the simple fix? Try setting up to the ball, then pulling your rear foot back towards you 12 to 18 inches. Hit some balls like this. This will force your shoulders to the right and get you to feel a nice inside to out swing without even thinking about it.


Try those 2 simple ways to fix your slice next time you hit the range. You just might be hitting it straight before you’re done with that small bucket!




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